Being in a relationship


Everyone in this life always strives to be perfect. Especially, when it comes to being in a relationship with someone. This world is all about the second, the minute and instant gratification.

Even in the relationship world these days. I’ve never bought into this idiology or thought process. Hence the reason why I remain single and will not ever choose to adopt this position. Relationships are suppose to be built on the trials and that two people go through. Truly Loving somebody in this life isn’t about overall looks, money, cars, status, jobs etc.. Truly loving someone is about accepting the faults that both people go through in order to achieve a common goal in life. The goal is to grow old with the person that you truly love. That ONE person who turns your world into a day where into where your heart is so full from REAL happiness that it over flows. 

Stop looking for perfect in your life because perfect doesn’t exist. Find that one person who truly gets you, holds you, supports you, is your best friend and loves you unconditionally. That’s not perfect, that’s called True Love!! Keep it close to your heart and always stick together when the storms darken your skies. The storms may be rough and the rain may be fierce. However, once the storms pass the sun will shine upon your life. You’ll appreciate each storms that strengthens your relationship and your life. 

You’ll grow as two individuals together while sharing one common love. That’s what makes life truly worth living A big tip of the cap to all of you who truly make it work. Don’t ever trade your love in for instant gratification. The grass is never greener on the other side. Keep your own lawn watered and watch how the love in your life truly blossoms. Just my two cents. Keep a smile and lead with love!! God bless!




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