Everyone likes fame, money, attention, popularity and love of all. It’s the end that everyone sees and desires to achieve. However, it is important to understand that the road to success is difficult. One has to go through a lot of suffering and hard work to achieve the best from their lives. One has to fail to become successful and it is through patience and continual trial that one is able to achieve what he/she yearns to. When one looks deep into the life story of the famous personality only then one is able to understand the amount and the strength of efforts that one needs to put in for getting the best. Thinking of being successful is easy, but actually being successful in the field of work that one desires is a task which needs to be completed.Life moves on. Life has ups and downs in it. The ship never sails smoothly. Storms are going to come and go in the course of life. The one who is able to live and pass through these storms and strengthen itself from it will be the one getting one step closer to success. The truth is bitter. It is hard to accept the reality, but the one who is able to accept the reality and live according to it and the one who does not feel threatened by the reality will be the one getting another step closer to success.One defines success for itself. Every step that one takes marks his/her success. Be wise and then decide. Success will soon be at your doorstep.

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