Arranged marriage love story of Ratnamala Kamath

What is your arranged marriage love story?

Ratnamala Kamath · 

I was 29yrs. My parents had been groom hunting for the last 5yrs,but nothing had clicked. So I had pretty much given up hope of marriage and had resigned myself to living alone in later years. This was in 1994.In our community a yearly book used to be published containing the names of eligible bachelors, their age, address and where they are employed. My father had brought one book and he was going through it. There he found a boy who was 35 yrs. I told him not to waste his time as by that time I was not much interested. He told me the boy’s office was just 2 buildings away from our home and he would go and meet him. I didn’t say anything.He met the boy, liked him and brought his horoscope. I was surprised since it was difficult to impress my father. The horoscope matched well. So my parents planned to meet the boy in a nearby hotel and talk to him. They asked me to accompany them. I refused. I had already been rejected a few times and I was not in a mood to meet any more boys. So they went alone and met him. My mother too liked him. They showed him my photo. He liked it and so they invited him to come and meet me at my house next day evening.I dressed in a simple cotton saree. No makeup. Except for light kajal. Usually the boy is accompanied by parents and one or two relatives when they come to see the girl. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had come all alone. That instant he won my respect. He said that his parents stayed in Hyderabad so since he was the one who was going to marry he had come alone. His parents didn’t mind and were agreeable to whoever he selected. We spoke about general things and he left. I liked him, but didn’t say so to my parents because I expected the boy to reject me.Next day my father rang him up and asked him what he had decided. He said ‘ yes’ and he asked my father what I had decided. I had not expected such a fast decision from him. I had thought he would consult his parents and it would take a week. This confidence of his to take his own decisions without consulting anybody earned my admiration and I too said ‘yes’ since I had liked him. We got engaged in 15 days. His parents and siblings came down for the engagement and marriage was fixed three months later.Since his office was nearby he would drop in after his office hours and meet me quite often.So it was a classic case of Bagal main chora gaon main dindhora meaning searching the whole town when the boy is nearby.I don’t know what is love. But today I cannot imagine my life without him. I like listening to his witty and humorous stories. I feel a little lost if he is not by my side. I can’t even think of any man who can take his place. Just knowing that he is with me makes me feel safe and happy. If all this is love then yes I LOVE HIM.

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  1. KK Avatar

    This goes to prove once again that marriages are made in heaven.


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